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Using Dental Skills to Serve the Community

Top Dentists

Dr. Gary Ahasic has dozens of ways to make patients smile about their smiles. A general dentist at Fairview Dental Center in Aurora, he’s done everything in his 38-year career from filling cavities, to installing colorless Invisalign braces, to fabricating porcelain crowns in his office while patients wait, rather than making them spend weeks coping with temporary crowns.   

But for thousands of low-income residents throughout the western suburbs and beyond, Ahasic is the original Dentist With a Heart. The charity he founded with practice partner Dr. Brian Tonner has provided free dental services totaling $1 million-plus to more than 3,500 patients since 2001.   

"I’ve always felt bad for people who can’t seek treatment. Even with Medicare, Medicaid and public aid programs, a lot of people slip through the cracks," Ahasic says. "I’d heard of a similar program years before and I thought it would be fun to try here, so I talked to one of my partners and we decided to run with it."   

Participating dentists choose one day each February to open their clinics exclusively to needy patients who can’t afford basic dental care. They and their staffs treat as many of those patients as they can, all completely free. The first year about 10 other dentists from the Aurora Dental Society joined Ahasic and Tonner and treated a few hundred patients in the Aurora area. Last year, more than 60 dentists between Plainfield, Elgin, Naperville and Sycamore participated, treating anywhere from eight patients to the 128 patients that Fairview Dental accommodated.   

"We open for eight hours, we have 16 treatment rooms and we spend an hour with each patient to make sure they get all the care they need," Ahasic explains. "It’s a busy day, but it’s a lot of fun. Our staff also donates their time, and it feels almost like a party because what we’re doing is so rewarding."   

Dentist With a Heart isn’t Ahasic’s first foray into community service. A member of the Visiting Nurse Association board for more than 30 years, he’s currently its chairman — as well as president of the Fox Valley Dental Society and a board member at Presence Mercy Medical Center in Aurora. "I’ve always wanted to help people," he explains. "I chose dentistry over medicine in college because I felt it would let me raise a family and still help people." An Aurora native, he lives in Sugar Grove with his wife, Judy — a fellow volunteer who went to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and spent several weeks donating her services as a registered nurse.   

The best way to help a drill-shy patient is to take things slow and let the patient feel in control of the process, Ahasic asserts. "I involve the patient in his treatment plan. I like to know his wants and needs so he can feel satisfied with what we’ve done. A lot of adults have had bad experiences with dentists in the past, so I do everything I can to make them feel comfortable." He takes a similar approach with children, explaining procedures and letting them set the pace of treatment as much as possible.   

Though Ahasic is only a couple of years away from his 65th birthday, he doesn’t expect to lay down his dental tools anytime soon. "I don’t plan on retiring — it’s just not on my radar," he says. "I love dentistry and I love using it to help people. It’s still fun going to work, so why stop?"    


Solving Serious Teeth Issues

Top Dentists

When Robert Wolf first started working summers at his father’s oral surgery clinic, he didn’t expect to make oral surgery his life’s work.   

"The first couple of summers, I was cleaning instrument trays and doing clerical work. By the time I was in college, I was a surgical assistant," Wolf recalls. "By then I’d decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life. My father never pushed me. I just found it very interesting work."   

Sixteen years later, Wolf and his father, Mark, work together as partners in their Elmhurst clinic, Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, along with co-partner Dr. Anthony Dohse — for whom Wolf also worked in high school and college. "I’ve been more than fortunate to have two role models like Anthony and my dad," he says. "From the beginning, they’ve shown me the right way to do this."   

That right way emphasizes treating each patient like a friend instead of just a mouth with a problem to fix. "I like to treat people the way I’d like to be treated," Wolf explains. "I try to be kind, to use humor and give patients the time they need to ask questions and understand the answers. It’s nice when I can take very anxious people and ease their fears, and it’s very rewarding to alleviate their pain. No one likes being in a dentist’s chair, so I focus on making an unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible."   

Though Wolf is a licensed dentist, he points out that oral and maxillofacial surgery is a separate discipline that requires more detailed training in surgical techniques, general anesthesia, soft tissues and facial bone reconstruction. "We see people who have serious issues with their teeth, jaws or facial structures," he explains, adding that he and his partners do not do cosmetic procedures.         

One of his favorite procedures is building up patients’ jawbones so that they can get dental implants. "Losing teeth thins the bone tissue, which makes it harder for patients who need implants to support them," he notes. "But dental implants can make such a huge improvement in people’s quality of life. My wife’s grandfather wasn’t able to eat almost anything because his teeth were so bad. We put in dental implants for him when he was 91, and now I love watching him at family gatherings eating raw vegetables and pizza and smiling for pictures. You’re never too old to enhance your quality of life."   

People are also never too young to prepare for their long-term health. One service Wolf’s practice provides is helping patients preserve and store the stem cells hidden away inside their teeth. "Banking umbilical cord stem cells is established now, but harvesting stem cells from tooth pulp is still a new concept that a lot of people don’t know about," Wolf states. "When patients lose teeth — in an accident, when they have wisdom teeth removed, or even baby teeth, they can bank the stem cells from those teeth so that they can take advantage of genetic regenerative therapies if they ever need to down the road."   

Wolf and his partners refer patients to Store-A-Tooth stem cell bank in Chicago, which charges between $850 and $1,750 to harvest dental stem cells and $120 per year to store them. "It’s expensive, but stem cell therapies are the wave of the future in medicine, so it could be invaluable in the coming years. That’s why we want to offer the option to our patients," explains Wolf.                     


Rehabilitating Teeth and Gums

Top Dentists

Dr. Michael Cunningham owes his career as an award-winning periodontist to the U.S. Navy.           

"I spent six years working in naval hospitals as a cytotechnologist, preparing tissue samples and interpreting the results," recalls Grove Dental Associates’ star gum disease specialist. "I worked with both doctors and dentists, so I got to know what each profession was like. I was attracted to both, but dentistry offers a nice lifestyle for a family because it has more regular hours, so when I got out of the Navy I went to dental school."               

Even after Cunningham earned his doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Illinois, his love of cells and tissues prompted him to stay at the university to get a master’s degree in histology. In the process, he performed research that changed the treatment protocol for thousands of organ transplant patients.   

"My master’s thesis studied the effects of ciclosporin on gum tissue," he explains. "Ciclosporin is a standard autoimmune suppressant that prevents a transplant patient’s body from rejecting the new organ, but one of its side effects is to enlarge gum tissue. Doctors thought the enlargement came from swelling, but my research showed that the drug was making the tissue cells proliferate faster. Now doctors give their patients either newer autoimmune suppressants or a newer version of ciclosporin that lessens that effect."               

While organ transplant patients and their doctors appreciate Cunningham’s research skills, his patients at Grove Dental Associates appreciate his ability to fix their gums or put in dental implants while inflicting little or no pain.               

The first step in making periodontal patients comfortable with their treatments is to educate them about the process, says Cunningham. "Before patients get in the chair, I concentrate on teaching them what’s going wrong inside their mouths and exactly what I’m going to do to correct it," he says. "I give them a tour of the office so they can see all the equipment and the procedures — like our sterilization process — and know that they’ll be in a safe environment. I answer all their questions before they come in to start treatment. By that time they’re confident that I can treat them without hurting them."   

Cunningham also has a variety of proven ways to make his treatments as painless as possible. "I use a combination of oral sedation and ‘laughing gas’ to help patients relax," he notes. "We also provide headphones so they can listen to music; neck rests that have been warmed in the microwave; and warm wipes to clean their faces after the treatment is done. It’s almost a spa atmosphere for them."   

Not only does this luxe approach to treatment make patients more comfortable during treatment, it also makes them more willing to return for checkups and follow-up procedures. And that

is especially important.    

"Gum disease usually can’t be cured in one treatment session," says Cunningham. "It’s important in periodontics to keep patients motivated to come back because otherwise their gum disease will progress and they’ll lose their teeth. My top priority is helping people keep their teeth if at all possible."     


Collaboration Between the Patient and Dental Specialists Is Key

Dr. Tricia Crosby learned dentistry from the ground up. Working for an oral surgeon to pay for college led her to seek a career in the field, so she became a dental assistant while she considered her future. A dental hygienist with whom she worked inspired her to train for that job, and professors in her dental hygiene program urged her to get her DDS degree.    

"I was very fortunate that the program was housed in the dental college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a few of my professors also taught dentistry there," says Crosby. "A few of them pulled me aside and told me that they thought I had the ability to be a dentist, and I went for it."   

Eleven years later, Crosby is an award-winning researcher, adjunct professor and guest lecturer, and conducts a thriving periodontics and implants practice with her mentor and partner, Dr. Martin Kolinski, in St. Charles. "I am very thankful to Dr. Kolinski because I wouldn’t be where I am today without him," she asserts. "His mentoring guided me in creating a good atmosphere in the clinic that benefits the patients."   

Unlike general dental clinics, Midwest Dental Implantology does not schedule appointments with the general public. Instead, they work with about 200 clinics in the greater Fox Valley area that refer patients who need dental implants or specialized periodontic care. "We believe very strongly in collaboration between us, the referring dentist and sometimes an orthodontist or other specialist if needed. We all focus on collaborating with the patient to be sure we give that patient the best possible outcome," explains Crosby.   

That collaboration begins the moment a patient walks into the clinic. "The first thing we do is to make that patient feel welcome as a person," Crosby says. "We never rush patients through the process. They can sit down, chat, receive local anesthesia or sedation and relax before their procedure. All of our staff members are educated about our procedures, so even if one of us isn’t available to answer questions, the patient can talk with other people in the office about them. Here, patients know that they’re the center of the treatment process."   

Both Crosby and Kolinsky make sure to call patients the evening or morning after their surgeries to make sure they’re recovering well and to answer any follow-up questions patients might have. Crosby even chose to live in St. Charles so she could be closer to current and former patients. "I love being part of the community that my patients live in," she says. "It’s great to see them in the grocery store or when I’m out walking. I like staying in touch with them."   

The president of the Illinois Society of Periodontists, Crosby also serves as editor of the Midwest Society of Periodontology’s board; serves on the board of the Fox Valley Dental Society; and works with several other national and international professional associations. "I love this field, so I want to give back to it and help shape its future," Crosby says.           


How are Top Dentists Chosen? In a Survey of Their Peers by topDentists, LLC

The following list is excerpted from the 2015 topDentists database and based on thousands of detailed evaluations of dentists and professionals by their peers. TopDentists, LLC has over 50 years experience compiling peer-review referral guides in the legal, dental and medical fields. Using this experience along with the input of dentists across the United States, we have created a methodology that has been refined and improved over previous superlative guides. TopDentists lists dentists and specialists who have been chosen through an exhaustive survey in which thousands of the nation’s dental professionals confidentially evaluate their professional peers. No payment is required to be selected nor is payment accepted in exchange for selection.   

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Once the decisions have been finalized, the included dentists are checked against state dental boards for disciplinary actions to make sure they have an active license and are in good standing with the board. Then letters of congratulations are sent to all the listed dentists.   

Of course, there are many fine dentists who are not included in this representative list. It is intended as a sampling of the great body of talent in the field of dentistry within Illinois. A dentist’s inclusion on our list is based on the subjective judgments of his or her fellow dentists. We remain confident that our polling methodology largely corrects for any biases and that these lists

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Editor’s Note: Though dentists on this list may practice and/or have offices in multiple communities, they are only listed once.



Michael W. Naborowski, Naborowski Orthodontics, 630-543-5051, Orthodontics


Gary L. Ahasic, Fairview Dental, 630-897-1156,  General Dentistry

Ellen M. Barnes, 630-892-3993, Endodontics

Gregory L. Fauth, 630-896-2900, Periodontics

Lawrence R. Gentile, Aurora Fox Valley Dental Associates, 630-851-0450, General Dentistry

Anthony T. Glorioso, Aurora Dental Group, 630-896-7354, General Dentistry

Gary W. Lippincott, Prarie View Orthodontics, 630-896-5400, Orthodontics

John S. Lippincott, 630-896-5400, Orthodontics

James W. McGough, 630-892-1515, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael J. Montminy, 630-844-2640, General Dentistry

Brian J. O’Donovan, Fox Moor Dental Clinic, 630-820-2100, General Dentistry

James C. Pauly, Pauly Family Dental Group, 630-892-8933, General Dentistry

Robert M. Pick, Progressive Periodontics, 630-898-5575, Periodontics

Laurence A. Sexton, Fairview Dental, 630-897-1156, General Dentistry

Shanahan & Cheung, 630-375-8380, General Dentistry

Scott L. Sommers, 630-892-7041, General Dentistry

Brian R. Tonner, Fairview Dental, 630-897-1156, General Dentistry

Kapil Vij, Aurora Dentrix, 630-820-6891, Orthodontics

Kimberley M. Young, Young Dental Care, 630-892-8710, General Dentistry

Jacqueline L. Zimmer, Prairie View Orthodontics, 630-896-5400, Orthodontics


Milton M. Geivelis, Best Dental Group,  630-830-4930, Periodontics

Jayesh R. Patel, JP Orthodontics, 630-830-9952, Orthodontics

Angela Bogacki Skidmore, Bartlett Dental Office, 630-289-4288, General Dentistry

Dennis J. Spinazze, Associates for Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery Ltd, 630-289-5002, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Mark A. Spinazze, Associates for Oral Maxillofacial and Implant Surgery, 630-289-5002, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Russell P. Spinazze, Associates for Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery Ltd, 630-289-5002, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


James H. Garvin, 630-879-3613, General Dentistry

John C. Koechley, 630-406-9441, General Dentistry

R. Mark Lee, 630-879-0055, General Dentistry


James L. Discipio, 708-749-0133, General Dentistry

Stephen J. Grud, 708-484-7453, Orthodontics

Hugh Marchmont-Robinson, 708-788-8200, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Timothy P. Walsh, Walsh Periodontics, 708-873-2636, Periodontics


Barry M. Cherny, 630-893-7979, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Frank A. Cincione, 630-924-0800, Orthodontics

Dominic Colletti, 176 Dental Associates, LTD, 630-893-6200, General Dentistry

Brian T. Evans, Sr., Stratford Dental, 630-980-3880, General Dentistry

Claudio M. Levato, Comprehensive Dentistry, Ltd., 630-994-5174, General Dentistry

William J. McElroy, McElroy Pediatric Dentistry, 630-351-4440, Pediatric Dentistry

William J. Nudera, Specialized Endodontic Solutions, 630-351-1100, Endodontics

Steven F. Tempel, 630-924-8284, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Allan J. Libunao, Suburban Oral Surgeons, 630-972-1599, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Gary A. Rodgers, 630-759-4191, General Dentistry


Gerald P. Gardner, Creative Dental, 708-485-8200, General Dentistry


Andrew J. Moormann, 630-850-7799, General Dentistry

Stephen W. Sum, 630-789-2292, General Dentistry


Mark F. Erickson, Erickson Oral Surgery, 630-909-0500, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Michael Major, 630-323-7457, General Dentistry


Kevin E. Collins, Countryside, 708-354-5575, General Dentistry


Peter E. Blazek, Woodridge Dental, 630-985-5000, General Dentistry

Robert J. Falta, 630-920-9633, General Dentistry


Robin Brent Blakkolb, 630-964-5880, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael P. Cunningham, Grove Dental Associates, 630-969-5350, Periodontics

Eric G. Jackson, Oral Health Care Professionals, 630-963-6750, General Dentistry

Stephen T. Jagielo, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 630-969-4441, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Stephen D. Palatinus, Midwestern University Clinics, 630-743-4500, General Dentistry

Glenn R. Pouleson, Apex Endodontics, 630-964-4499, Endodontics

David H. Smith, Grove Dental Associates, 630-969-5350, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Jeffrey S. Wascher, 630-963-6750, General Dentistry

Chad R. Wiersema, Grove Dental Associates, 630-969-5350, Endodontics


Harry F. Krauspe III, 630-365-9421, General Dentistry

Richard W. Stewart, Elburn Dental, 630-365-9438, General Dentistry


Peter D. Chemello, Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 847-931-1248, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Felicia Chu, Celebrating Smiles, 847-697-9000, General Dentistry

Matthew E. Gauthier, Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 847-931-1248, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Joseph Gluck, 847-742-1216, Periodontics

S. Todd Jensen, Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 847-931-1248, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Gregory M. Karr, 847-742-6717, General Dentistry

Matthew J. Karsten, Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, 847-717-5437, Pediatric Dentistry

Steve J. Muraski, 847-531-5440, Endodontics

Cindy R. Rauschenberger, Fox Valley Endodontic Specialists, 847-742-9150, Endodontics

Suhaila Shariff, Fox Valley Endodontic Specialists, 847-742-9150,

Michael G. Steichen, Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 847-931-1248, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Daniel Sula, 847-742-8211, General Dentistry


Sean J. Abrams, Village Smiles, 847-985-5552, General Dentistry

James B. McShane, 847-437-8366, General Dentistry

John R. Riggs, 847-437-5696, Orthodontics

Michael J. Zak, Associates for Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery Ltd, 847-593-0535, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Donald C. Beard, Endodontics Limited, 630-530-4808, Endodontics

Michael J. Bicknell, Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, 630-832-8320, Orthodontics

Jeffrey W. Chandler, 630-833-0395, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Anthony Dohse, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 630-941-3400, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael D. Ewers, Dentistry for Kids,  630-833-1166, Pediatric Dentistry

Keith Guzaitis, 630-941-8398, Prosthodontics

Kevin C. Kopp, 630-941-8398, Prosthodontics

Flor D. Loya-Costabile, 630-501-0046, Pediatric Dentistry

Thomas E. Newman, Jr., 630-532-5310, General Dentistry

Corina Radu, Ortho2Smile, 630-279-5345, Orthodontics

Richard A. Steffens, Cottage Hill Dental Care, 630-530-7998, General Dentistry

Hadley Kathryn Thurmon, Aspen Creek Dental, 630-941-9299, General Dentistry

Mark R. Wolf, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 630-941-3400, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Robert A. Wolf, Advanced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 630-941-3400, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Jerry E. Udelson, 708-386-5437, Pediatric Dentistry


David J. Bennett, 630-232-9410, General Dentistry

Kevin R. Haddle, 630-232-9090, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Charles C. Kallstrom, 630-232-7385, General Dentistry

Dennis J. Lazzara, 630-232-2277, Orthodontics

Ryan J. McCall, McCall Family Dentistry, 630-232-9620, General Dentistry

Elizabeth B. Sacrey, Sacrey & Sacrey Dentistry, 630-232-0659, General Dentistry

Mardi A. Tingzon, Geneva Dental, 630-208-9331, General Dentistry


John S. Borello, 630-469-6609, Periodontics

Robert F. Brandys, 630-469-1500, Endodontics

Gregory E. Doerfler, Glen Ellyn Implant and Oral Surgery Center, 630-858-5755, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Chad C. Drouin, Glen Ellyn Implant and Oral Surgery Center, 630-858-5755, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Lance A. Lambert, Glen Ellyn Pediatric Dentistry, 630-858-8755, Pediatric Dentistry


Miranda A. Albert, Brush Pediatric Dentistry, 630-504-2223, Pediatric Dentistry

Richard J. Balcerak, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, 630-789-8070, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Richard J. Brenner, 630-323-0409, General Dentistry

Andrew W. Browar, Hinsdale Periodontics & Endodontics, 630-655-3737, Periodontics

Jeffrey K. Collins, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, PC, 630-789-8070, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tyran E. Johnson, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, PC, 630-789-8070, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael A. Klepacki, Dr. Klepacki & Associates, 630-325-0100, Orthodontics

Jenny G. Kopp, Premier Endodontic Associates, 630-655-3636, Endodontics

John F. O’Connell III, 630-455-1666, General Dentistry


Alan A. Dalessandro, 847-884-0125, Periodontics

James W. Sislow, 847-843-8410, Orthodontics

Gene Z. Walchirk, Webster Dental Care of Hoffman Estates, 847-882-2620, Endodontics


Robert J. Shanahan, 708-783-1100, General Dentistry


Christine L. Dunham, 815-744-4333, General Dentistry

Sonal C. Mehta, Glenwood Dental Center, 815-725-0260, General Dentistry

Stephen P. Morimoto, 815-741-0095, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Clarence J. Red III, Red Orthodontics, 815-744-2990, Orthodontics

Alexander E. Ritchey, Ritchey Orthodontics, 815-725-9130, Orthodontics

Mark S. Streitz, 815-725-1919, General Dentistry


Carolyn A. Bronke-Wind, 708-354-1335, General Dentistry

Eugene J. Buksa, La Grange Periodontics, 708-354-4545, Periodontics

Philip J. Girgis, 708-352-1320, General Dentistry

Michelle P. Jennings, La Grange Periodontics, 708-354-4545, Periodontics

Richard A. Kohn, Cameo Endodontics, 708-579-0488, Endodontics

James M. Maragos, 708-352-7358, General Dentistry

Raymond F. Munaretto, Cameo Endodontics, 708-579-0488, Endodontics

Richard A. Munaretto, Cameo Endodontics, 708-579-0488, Endodontics

Keith M. Sommers, Cameo Endodontics, 708-579-0488, Endodontics


Todd D. Manolis, 708-352-6811, General Dentistry


Kenneth M. Stoffel, Stoffel & Tomazin Dental, 630-243-6622, General Dentistry


James L. Derrico, College Square Dental, 630-983-8700, General Dentistry

Michael J. Gonda, 630-968-5078, General Dentistry

Joseph D. Maggio, Advanced Endodontics of Illinois, 630-548-1324, Endodontics


Paul A. Bobak, 815-838-6102, General Dentistry

Mark B. Foster, Zale, Foster & Ruginis, Dental Associates, 815-838-1998, General Dentistry


Michael A. Cerone, 630-627-0899, General Dentistry

Norman P. Mills, 630-629-5437, Pediatric Dentistry


C. Neil Kay, Kay + McCullum Orthodontics, 630-896-2779, Orthodontics


Jay Bergamini, Naperville Oral Surgery, 630-357-7273, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Nowell E. Blecha, 630-961-5151, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Michael E. Bond, Naperville Family Dentist, 630-983-6605, General Dentistry

Paul V. Caputo, Sr., 630-922-1311, General Dentistry

Susan A. Cascino, Naperville Periodontics, 630-355-5010, Periodontics

Michael G. Elasaad, Naperfield Enodontics, 630-305-0312, Endodontics

Ian Elliott, 630-862-3600, Periodontics

Michael J. Erhart, 630-357-9800, Orthodontics

Jeffrey M. Grimley, 630-369-6980, General Dentistry

Patricia Hudetz, English Rows Dental Group, 630-904-1106, General Dentistry

David L. Jones, Small Smiles, 630-527-8686, Pediatric Dentistry

Don C. Kalant, Sr., 630-851-9100, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Raymond J. McMullen, Jr., McMullen Orthodontics, 630-420-4145, Orthodontics

John P. McNamara, 630-305-0511, Periodontics

Donald A. Miller, Woodlake Family Dental, 630-753-9955, Endodontics

David R. Newkirk, 630-717-9499, General Dentistry

Robert E. O’Donnell, Endodontics Limited, 630-961-1779, Endodontics

Roger E. Pardon, Jr., 630-369-6000, General Dentistry

Pranav V. Patel, Prestige Orthodontics, 630-961-3810, Orthodontics

Harold A. Patino, Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery, 630-536-1900, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Kevin P. Ryan, 630-355-1940, General Dentistry

Michael S. Scherer, Wheaton Oral Surgery & Implant Center, 630-364-2888, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Nancie C. Spencer, Mill Street Dental Associates, 630-355-7400, General Dentistry

Kurt Wagner, 630-778-9500, Pediatric Dentistry

James P. Weeks, 630-420-9090, General Dentistry

Mark D. Wright, 630-355-5335, General Dentistry

John W. Zurek, Naperville, 630-355-5017, General Dentistry


Hammad T. Aziz, North Aurora Smiles, 630-907-1112, General Dentistry


James F. Gianakakis, Oakbrook Endodontic Associates, 630-654-3331, Endodontics

Jeffrey H. Hembrough, Oakbrook Endodontic Associates, 630-654-3331, Endodontics

Christopher A. Metcalf, 630-368-1007, General Dentistry

Robert G. Metcalf, 630-928-0049, General Dentistry

John E. Nathan, 630-574-7336, Pediatric Dentistry

Vince A. Penesis, Oakbrook Endodontic Associates, 630-654-3331, Endodontics


Richard A. Battistoni, Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics, 708-848-5900, Orthodontics

William R. Beam, Battistoni and Beam Orthodontics, 708-848-5900, Orthodontics

John G. Crawford, 708-524-9788, Orthodontics

Henry C. Fung, Oak Park Oral Surgery, 708-383-8228, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

R. Tage Welindt, Jr. , Exquisite Smiles Oak Park, 708-848-2853, General Dentistry


Kimet Abdullai, Dental Care of Oak Brook, 630-833-2800, General Dentistry

George A. Mandelaris, 630-627-3930, Periodontics

Alan L. Rosenfeld, Drs. Rosenfeld and Mandelaris, 630-627-3930, Periodontics


Douglas C. Palmer, Kendall Ponte Dental, 630-801-4222, General Dentistry

Robert L. Thomas, Thomas Orthodontics, 630-554-5600, Orthodontics


Michael V. Casey, Associated Orthodontists, 815-439-4727, Orthodontics

David Cortopassi, Associated Orthodontists, 815-439-4727, Orthodontics

Steven J. Moravec, Moravec Orthodontics, 815-436-2959, Orthodontics


Patrick J. Angelo, Jr., Chicagoland Implants and Periodontics, 708-366-2180, Periodontics

James G. Frazier, Frazier Orthodontics, 708-366-6595, Orthodontics


Jeri J. Coffey, 708-442-0115, General Dentistry


Kenneth M. Francsis, 630-351-3636, General Dentistry


Tricia R. Crosby, Midwest Dental Implantology, 630-377-4677, Periodontics

Matthew K. Dietz, Northern Illinois Endodontics, 630-377-2980, Endodontics

Scott A. Drancik, Northern Illinois Endodontics, 630-377-2980, Endodontics

Scott J. Genutis, Campton Square Oral Surgery, 630-513-6440, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Brian Habas, St. Charles Endodontics, 630-584-3636, Endodontics

Daniel M. Kelly, Kelly Orthodontics, 630-584-9666, Orthodontics

William M. Kelly, Kelly Orthodontics, 630-584-9666, Orthodontics

Martin L. Kolinski, Midwest Dental Implantology, 630-377-4677, Periodontics

Edmund A. Lipskis, St. Charles Family Dentistry, 630-377-3131, General Dentistry

Lynn O. Lipskis, St. Charles Family Dentistry, 630-377-3131, General Dentistry

Phillip L. Patrone, Advanced Periodontics, 847-255-3021, Periodontics

Kyle E. Pedersen, 630-587-4444, Pediatric Dentistry

Terry M. Sandroff, Advanced Periodontics, 847-255-3021, Periodontics

Stanley E. Treitler, Advanced Periodontics, 847-255-3021, Periodontics


Alan J. Acierno, Acierno Dental, 847-891-6755, General Dentistry

Mark L. Banakis, Schaumburg Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 847-882-9448, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Gay W. Brodersen, ABC Dentistry & Orthodontics, 847-882-3360, Pediatric Dentistry

Matthew J. Busch, Busch & Musich Orthodontics, 847-517-1333, Orthodontics

Mark A. Ferrari, 847-884-6776, General Dentistry

Nicola C. Hill-Cordell, ABC Dentistry, 847-882-3360, Pediatric Dentistry

Bruce J. Kramper, 847-706-9135, Endodontics

David R. Musich, Busch & Musich Orthodontics, 847-517-1333, Orthodontics

Jennifer T. Silc, Silc Periodontics, 847-605-0280, Periodontics

Robert A. Slovick, Bob & Peg’s Dental, 847-584-2241, General Dentistry

Gregory A. Stump, Olde Schaumburg Dental, 847-310-9090, General Dentistry

Corey J. Walther, 847-882-3683, General Dentistry


Ryan K. Hurley,  Hurley and Volk Orthodontics, 847-289-8800, Orthodontics

Tonya M. Volk, Hurley & Volk Orthodontics, 847-289-8800, Orthodontics


Brian J. Fitz, New Image Dental, 630-837-0887, General Dentistry

Giusto Romano, Healthy Smiles Dental Care, 630-837-5500, General Dentistry


Joseph S. Kim, Modern Dentistry, Sugar Grove, 630-466-7445, General Dentistry


Thomas J. Delacey, Dental Office of Dr. DeLacey & Dr. Wells, 630-836-8880, General Dentistry


Ivone A. Beron, West Chicago Dental Care, 630-520-9030, Pediatric Dentistry


Bruce A. Gartner, Gartner Periodontal Care, 708-681-5154, Periodontics

William M. Lawley, 708-409-0990, General Dentistry


Edward L. Kasper, Jr., Modern Endodontics, 708-784-9930, Endodontics

Mark E. Runge, 708-246-8881, Orthodontics

Cynthia R. Satko, Satko Oral Surgery, 708-246-6400, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Douglas Weidman, Chicago Dental Arts, 708-218-9900, General Dentistry


Nichol D. Houston, Unforgettable Smiles, 630-655-0240, General Dentistry

Gary E. Lindemann, Unforgettable Smiles, 630-655-0240, General Dentistry

Taisa L. Szeremeta-Browar, Hinsdale Periodontics & Endodontics, 630-655-3737, Endodontics


David J. Allen, Wheaton Orthodontic Center, 630-668-0197, Orthodontics

Robert W. Hawkinson, Jr., 630-665-9850, Endodontics

Douglas A. Koehler, Suite K Dentistry, 630-653-2377, General Dentistry


Richard A. Schuberth, 630-887-8070, Orthodontics


David J. Felgenhauer, 630-910-3200, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Russell V. Fu, 630-963-7766, General Dentistry

Robert F. Girgis, 630-769-0707, Orthodontics

Thomas J. Machnowski, 630-795-1902, General Dentistry


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