A Wine by Any Other Name

A classic summer white with a medieval heritage

The perfect warm-weather red

What a Difference the Air Makes

Beyond organic, these wines are the purest of the pure

A wine with a soft, fruit-laden profile, nicknamed “little blackbird”

The “King of Reds” can be found in a variety of forms and iterations

Experienced as an aspect of a wine's texture, causing a drying sensation

Premium wines finessed from hand-picked grapes

This ancient “honey wine” is now the fastest growing alcoholic beverage

A quest for enhanced flavor and palate-cleansing freshness

Aged vines deliver resplendently rich and boldly intense flavors

The once popular blending grape makes a solo comeback

World-Class wine from Spain's Catalonia region

South Africa's Heritage Wine

For the lover of quality wines, vintage year — the year during which grapes are grown and harvested and the year printed on a wine label — is of extreme importance. The reason is simple: the same wine produced by the same vineyard and by the same winemaker can vary significantly in quality a…

In the heart of Tuscany, just south of the city of Florence, lie the verdant, rolling hills of the Chianti wine region, where groves of olive and cypress trees flourish in the hot sun alongside fragrant fields of lavender and rosemary, and where, since Etruscan times, farmers have been culti…

After years of taking a back seat to single-varietals, red wine blends are currently experiencing a surge of popularity. Dozens and dozens of lower-priced labels like Apothic Red, Ménage à Trois, and The Prisoner crowd the shelves, all Zinfandel-based blends that are fruity, plush and easy o…

In the northwestern corner of the Italian peninsula, sheltered on three sides by the serrated  peaks of the Alps and Apennines, lie the rolling hills and patchwork-quilt valleys of Piedmont, the ancestral home of the king of Italian grapes, Nebbiolo. Here, in the Langhe region, home of the w…

Half a century ago, the soft-skinned, finicky-to-grow Viognier (pronounced "vee-ohn-yay") grape had all but disappeared from its ancestral homeland in France’s northern Rhône Valley, a casualty of the late 19th-century phylloxera pest epidemic that devastated the French wine industry. But si…