Getting a good night’s rest is critical for overall good health

West suburban experts and care centers provide hope and help for those suffering from Alzheimer's and related memory loss conditions

Does the thought of everything you have to contend with during the holiday season stress you out? If so, you are far from alone. According to the 2016 Holiday Poll by Consumer Reports, "Almost all of us dread something about the holiday season . . . In fact, only three percent of respondents…

Local Physicians Raise the Bar in Treating Sports Injuries

From new therapies for managing chronic pain and facilitating hair restoration, to potentiallly lifesaving innovations in delivering improved stroke and cardiac care

An array of non-surgical treatments, along with disc replacement, can help restore spinal function and offer relief from discomfort.

Customized treatments offer relief from chronic sneezing, sniffling, congestion and watery eyes.

New research is helping to both prevent and better treat the often deadly disease

New therapies and advances in hearing aid technology are helping eliminate the stigma of hearing loss.

For those suffering from anxiety disorders and/or depression, the spirit of the season can be more stressful than joyful

While early detection is still key, doctors have a range of tools and techniques for customizing patients' treatment to their specific needs

New types of insulin and easier, less painful delivery mechanisms, along with better diet and lifestyle decisions, are making what was once a fatal disease far more manageable

More than 230 of the leading dental professionals in the western suburbs

New orthopaedic procedures are helping to relieve pain and return function to arms and legs injured or strained due to work, sports and aging.

While the role of nurses continues to evolve — no more washing bedpans and lots more data monitoring — the most important aspect of the job remains unchanged, being their patients' primary care provider