Flooring is a key element in any home and sets the tone for the feel of your rooms, in terms of both comfort and visual appeal. It’s also fairly costly and something you aren’t likely to replace for a decade or more, so it pays to choose the best product that fits your budget, lifestyle and … Read more

    Updating your home can make it more functional and attractive, adding to its comfort, appeal and resale value. But remodeling can also be a significant investment, requiring many important decisions. Here, area pros provide practical guidance to help assure your next project is a big success. Read more

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    After a year spent sheltering in place, the importance of a highly functional at-home retreat is clearly evident. The master bath, a room where most of us bookend our days, can be just such a place, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of today’s most sought-after remodeling projects. Read more


    Among the upshots of the past year has been the recognition of the importance of the backyard as a much-needed refuge for relaxing and enjoying time with family. Read more

    As people of all ages are spending less and less time outdoors, more of us are bringing plants inside the home to experience the peace and beauty of nature year round. Read more