Long known as a business hub and shopping mecca, this upscale community is also a burgeoning destination for dining and entertainment

Building on its historic roots and scenic Fox River setting, it’s a city that continues to grow and embrace change, resulting in an expanding array of things to do and places to go.

With a variety of new shops, restaurants and entertainment options, the second largest city in the state is becoming an increasingly popular destination for visitors and new residents alike

A multifaceted city that boasts a beautiful Riverwalk and vibrant downtown, as well as extensive open spaces and a wide range of attractions

It’s slogan is “the Pride of the Fox,” and in some ways, the far western suburb of St. Charles is like a river itself — there is a main channel with varying currents, interesting sights on the edges, different visitors depending on the season, and a shared ecosystem teeming with life. Let’s …

Not all roads lead to Westmont, but a lot of west suburban thoroughfares do. Whether passing through via Ogden Avenue, 55th Street, Naperville Road, Cass Avenue, Rte. 83 or another street, there are plenty of reasons to stop and see what’s going on in this community of nearly 25,000 people a…

Sure, it’s known for being the site of a famous arboretum. But an analogy can be made between a tree and the western suburb of Lisle, from strong roots to sturdy branches to tender new growth. See the forest through the trees in this community that combines tradition and inventiveness, natur…

This picturesque Fox River town offers a true slice of Americana with its historicshopping and dining district, popular festivals and enthusiastic community spirit

Known for its tree-lined streets and quaint downtown as well as being the home of College of DuPage, it’s a community that offers a mix of the best of old and new.

Spired steeples and turrets have long made Wheaton stand out in the suburban skyline. In addition to the iconic county courthouse and historic churches in this western suburb of more than 53,000, the skyline now includes modern multi-level developments. The same mix of new and old is true fo…

A growing southwest suburban community anchored by a world-class shopping, dining and entertainment center and ready for new growth

Just 10 miles from downtown Chicago, this historic and diverse community offers a mix of urban and suburban living and a range of popular special events including its annual Route 66 Car Show.

The first city in Kane County — and the one-time windmill capital of the world — is now a vibrant community highlighted by a high tech research lab and a scenic Riverwalk along the Fox River

A mecca for business, shopping and entertainment, with diverse dining options and plenty of green space for rest and relaxation

A pleasant mix of rural town charm and the amenities of a fast-growing suburb

This popular “tree town” boasts a vibrant city center and easy access to downtown Chicago

This historic canal town is a hidden gem that balances preservation and progress while offering an ever increasing range of fun events and attractions

A community where layers of past and present build on a legacy of creativity

A west suburban destination that combines the tranquility of a historic downtown with the vibrancy of a contemporary, upscale shopping center

A historic residential community with a vibrant downtown and a lively dining scene

A quaint residential oasis amidst a busy and growing business corridor

The county seat of Kendall County, the fastest growing county in the country in the 2000s, this Fox River town maintains much of its rural and historic charm, while also featuring a variety of outdoor activities and a growing range of dining and entertainment options.

Where to go, what to do and fun facts about one of the only towns in America to take its name from the first and last names of an individual

Bordered by forest preserves and dotted with parks, this west suburban hamlet offers a peaceful ambiance that contrasts to larger neighboring communities. But it is a town that is also still growing and evolving. So with the goal of “preserving the best and enhancing the rest,” development p…

The village meticulously planned by founder Paul Butler continues to evolve, though its unmatched blend of corporate offices and upscale homes, first class shopping and dining, and beautiful outdoor spaces has likely surpassed his vision

Though spread out over 16 square miles and parts of three counties, this growing village maintains its small town sense of community spirit and involvement

This west suburban town offers old-time Americana charm including summer festivals and car shows, the beautiful Ty Warner Park, and plenty of dining options

It’s been described in a glossy village booklet as a "unique combination of New England charm and wholesome Midwestern sensibility." After spending time in Hinsdale, one can see how such a metaphorical mash-up applies to this western suburb of about 17,500 residents, 20 miles due west of Chi…

This city of lights is a mecca for shopping, dining, entertainment and family fun

Thanks to a deft fusion of history and progress, this community has preserved its distinctive character while serving as a model of suburban economic growth

By embracing growth and change, this historic Fox River city is fusing the past and present

A village with deep roots winds a natural path toward continued growth

Old world charm meets chic city vibe – and a river runs through it

A charming hidden gem in the western suburbs

Made up of an integrated patchwork of new and old, this town maintains a balance of growth and historic charm.

With a rich history and a growing range of entertainment options, the fourth largest city in Illinois continues to build for the future.

This historic village is the epitome of small town charm, with its quaint downtown, active neighborhood associations and strong sense of community.

With a convenient location close to everything, a vibrant downtown in the midst of a major expansion, and quiet tree-lined residential streets, this city has an attractive blend of the best community attributes.

From its historic windmills to the cutting edge physics at Fermilab, this Fox River town continues to evolve while comfortably integrating the new with the old.

While known for its vibrant downtown and diversity of dining options, this historic village is also a close-knit community with a strong volunteer spirit.

Continued residential growth and an increasingly vibrant town center give this village a strong sense of community.

A historic community with a rich legacy of arts and culture, and a commitment to inclusiveness and diversity

From an early stop on the stagecoach line from Chicago to Rockford, it is a community that has retained its historic small town roots while growing to become a vibrant suburb.

With its central location and abundant amenities, this is a community that offers plenty of attractions, drawing residents and visitors alike.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the southwest suburban village continues to grow, mature and evolve

Boasting beautiful homes, historic charm and a quaint but bustling downtown, it is a community that values its heritage

With both a quaint historic town center and the bustling Yorktown mall, the “Lilac Village” offers a dynamic blend of old and new, along with a welcoming sense of community